Board Members

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 3:22 PM


President - Susan Alexander moved to Weaverville 35 years ago after graduating from Cal. State University at Hayward, majoring in Fine Arts. In 1994, she earned a teaching degree from Humboldt State.  Susan has worked as an artist in the Schools under state grant monies as well as through the State Arts Council and finally as an art teacher.   She is now mostly retired as a teacher , spending much time working on her own art. She works in many mediums: drawing (pen and pencils), painting (acrylic), paper mache and ceramic sculpture.  Joined TCAC Board Feb. 16, 2012.

Vice President / Treasurer- David Vaughn came to Trinity County in 1987 to teach at Lewiston Elementary School.  In 2003, he joined the Trinity County Arts Council and has been on the board since then.  “I paint, sculpt, and take photographs when I have time.  I live along Rush Creek and am grateful for my surroundings every day.”

Secretary  - Julie Feely has worked as a teacher  and a nurse.  She and her husband owned and operated a Silicon Valley business for 15 years. They have been property owners in Trinity County since 1974 and moved to Weaverville permanently in 2006.  Julie currently  is a librarian at the Weaverville Library.  She has been on the Board of the Trinity County Arts Council since 2008.


Helena Pizarro attended the Academy of Arts in Den Haag, the Netherlands (portrait , figure drawing and sculpture). Because of her affinity for languages she studied Spanish in a program for non-Spanish speaking people at the University in Barcelona, Spain. She met her husband in Spain and moved to California where, because her love for children, she was given the opportunity  to work with "special needs children" for the Jefferson School District in Daly City.  She and her husband became permanent residents of Trinity County in 2001.  Keeping the Arts in Trinity County alive is vital, especially for the benefit of our young people.  The desire to help the Arts in Trinity County flourish compelled Helena to become a Board Member of the Trinity County Arts Council in 2010.

Susan Weber was born and raised in Oakland, CA. She attended Cal. State Univ. in Hayward as a Spanish major, then got her teaching credential from Cal. State Univ. Sacramento. She became a bilingual teacher and taught in the Bay Area and So CA for about 38 years. Susan got her Masters in Education along the way. When she retired in 2008, she and her husband  moved to Weaverville, where she has been substituting in the local schools. Susan enjoys Yoga, hiking, photography, mixing with the wonderful people here, and attending the many cultural events.  She joined the Board through the desire to help nourish and expand the arts in our county.  Joined the TCAC Board Feb. 16, 2012.


Jill Richards

Upon graduating with an AA degree and an equal number of combined college credits in Marketing, Business, and Art History, Jill accepted a management job for a camera store chain rehabilitating failing stores while developing a small professional photography business.  After several years, her photography and marketing experience landed her a job in industrial marketing as the Western Regional Manager for Welker Engineering based in Texas.  2004, Jill fell in love with Trinity County and became a resident, waitressing and delving into the art scene.  In 2008, she became an active member of the Trinity County Arts Council and currently administers the grants and arts programs from the part-time position of Executive Director.  Jill chairs the Trinity County Chamber Tourism Committee.  She spearheaded the formation of the True North Arts & Culture Alliance along with Debra Lucero.  Jill is experienced in many forms of art including Photography, Ceramics, Painting, Mosaics and Gourd Art.

The E.D. is paid for 20 hours per week.


Virginia Updegrave

Virginia Updegrave has been a member of the Trinity County Arts Council for twenty years and has served as a Board of Directors, member, secretary, and docent for the TCAC and the Main Street Gallery.  She managed the Highland Art Center for many years, is a long standing and active member of the Historical Society, and is a watercolor artist.  Virginia is the part-time paid bookkeeper, working 10 hours a week.  Her duties include accounts payable, accounts receivable, as well as  preparation of budgets, financial reports, tax forms, payroll, maintains our filing system, and grants accounting.




Dero Forslund, from a pioneer family since the 1860s, is dedicated to a flourishing Trinity County.  Retired from the county as CAO and director of the IT division, Dero brings many capabilities to the Arts Council including an in-depth knowledge and love of computer technology, both hardware and software, as well as knowledge of photography and video production.  Dero has been active in increasing the technologies capacity of the community through broadband enhancement.  His commitment to work with the businesses of Trinity County to develop a marketing strategy coupled with his technical expertise will support the vision of Trinity County’s financial sustainability. The Trinity County Arts Council is fortunate to have the considerable resources of Dero Forslund.  Joined  TCAC Advisory Board  2011.


Sandra Sterrenberg, resident of Burnt Ranch, is the Trinity County Office of Education Arts Coordinator and oversees Indian Education.  Sandra teaches standards-based art in Burnt Ranch Elementary School.  She has partnered with TCAC on numerous projects including the CAC Creating Public Value Grant in which we developed the Artists As Educators Program.  Sandra organizes the annual Young Artist Showcase representing all Trinity County student artists.  Sandra is an accomplished ceramic and watercolor artist with skills in most media.  Joined  TCAC Advisory Board Feb. 2012.



Mark Feely, resident of Weaverville, is a retired business owner, President of Friends of the Library. 

Joined  TCAC Advisory Board Feb. 2012.


Bridget Carson, resident of Weaverville, is an advertising specialist for the Trinity Journal.  Bridget is an accomplished quilter, painter, illustrator and printer, having offered Print Making Workshops in Weaverville.  She is owner of Barking Mad Art Studio, “Pop-up art Venue “ during the Art Cruise.



Duane Heryford, Chairperson of the Trinity Trust, affiliated with the Humboldt Area Foundation, business owner.  Weaverville, CA