JazzReach "Stolen Moments"

Thursday, April 14, 2016 10:18 AM Edited: Thursday, April 14, 2016 6:05 PM

                              (April 11, JazzReach - Student performance of "Yes Indeed" )

At  6:50 pm on Monday, April 11, we had 15 - 20 patrons in the theater for the JazzReach concert.  Someone exclaimed, “Wow! Nobody is coming.  Are you worried?”

After a moment of thought, we said, “NO.  Our goal was met in the morning  with our 2 student programs where the Trinity County Office of Education  bussed in 286 students from Hoaglin,  Zenia, Coffee Creek, Hayfork, Burnt Ranch, Douglas City, Lewiston, and Weaverville.  This concert is icing on the cake.  We will have our ‘Stolen Moments’ regardless of the size of this audience.”

Then people streamed in, dropping donations in the bucket to show their desire for Music Instruction for Children.  By first note, the theater was at least 3/4s  full !

New York’s Metta Quintet romanced the audience with the early notes of New Orleans jazz, ratcheting up the energy with the improvisational genius of  Miles Davis and  John Coltrane to Wynton Marsalis.  The narrator captivated the audience as he led us through the progression of history through jazz.  The program engaged and delighted all.

The experience was so spectacular that WE, the Arts Council, received rave reviews.   In truth, we owe thanks to our partners who provided vision and shared the expense; the Trinity County Office of Education and Chico Performances University Public Events.  The Quintet were  well rested due to the superior hospitality and pampering of the Indian Creek Lodge.  AND, special kudos to the Trinity Journal for their support of our cultural enrichment.  Finally, it would not be a party without our music lovers who braved the storm on a Monday to show our New York Metta Quintet some real love!