Artists in Action Festival

Sunday, October 2, 2016 4:48 PM Edited: Sunday, October 2, 2016 11:12 PM

“Artists in Action Festival with 36 Artists Demonstrating their Crafts & Live Music” - Weaverville, Sept. 24, 2016

Set the oven to 87 degrees, mix in an eclectic variety of arts & crafts from Trinity County and Redding, sweeten with your favorite blues tunes resonating through the event, sprinkle in good restaurants wafting tantalizing temptations, fold in many varied specialty shops, add sporadic cloud cover and a cool breeze and you  have the perfect recipe for the Artists in Action Festival.

 Artists in Action demonstrated the BEST of the Arts Community !

Last year, fire and smoke crushed our event.  This Saturday promised scalding heat.  Regardless, 39 artists committed to schlepping a truck load of materials and finished product to Main Street , Weaverville, with the hope that you would find their craft interesting.  It’s Not ALL about sales – though we all do need to pay bills.  What we artists really hope for is appreciation, and the opportunity to share our craft and show how we do what we do.    We were honored by the presence of many of Trinity County’s finest artists and welcomed several spectacular artists from Redding; most notably Lynn Farrar with her leaded glass work, Kimberly Boney’s vintage jewelry, and none could miss the chain saw sculptor, Paul Bunyan.

The Buds (Red Bud and Ron) set the stage for Bad Billy Walls and the Blues Shakerz who tunefully delivered our favorite blues tunes, providing the perfect tempo for the day.     FANTASTIC !!   Next Year we will have dancing in the streets!

Special shout out to Chell Bee Snacks’ ice cream jeep.  Michelle delivered charm and smiles with every sweet, icy treat.  Love the mango!

(Ceramic artists John Garrett and Keiki Yamasaki demonstrate vessel building.)

Main Street businesses cheerfully supported the Arts Council’s request to use their store fronts to showcase the artists.  It is our fervent hope that this event supports the local businesses.  We “spared no expense” in advertising to attract visitors to Weaverville with suggestions to “stay the night and explore picturesque Lewiston, raft the river, lunch at the Straw House Resort on the river, enjoy a wine tasting adventure, and the Golf Course .

Smiling faces packed the sidewalk all day long, many from outside of Weaverville.  I asked the artists, “Did you enjoy the experience?”.  The overwhelming response was, “YES!  You have the most welcoming, supportive community.”


    (Glass artist Lynn Farrar from Redding)   (Family of artists enjoy the day)

Our arts community threw a fantastic party.  We hope our businesses benefitted.  But most of all – we appreciate the stellar support of the artists who gave their time and talent and the volunteers, without whom there would be no Artists in Action Festival.

A Great time was had by all.